Transformational Therapy

   Discover the innately happy, powerful and wise being you truly are!

I have been working as an holistic therapist for over 15 years, combining a mixture of therapeutic tools to help people rediscover themselves, the amazing gifts they have and how wonderful life can be on this beautiful planet.   I taught adults for over 25 years in the self-empowerment field, which, although immensely rewarding, I have decided to step back from, but this experience feeds into my one-to-one work.

I combine a mix of personal, cognitive and spiritual pyschology, meditation, therapeutic imagery and energy matrix manipulation to help people:

*   manage stress and anxiety effectively     

*   reconnect with their inner wisdom

*   change disempowering thoughts and behaviours

*   release blockages on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels

*   stepping into your power to create self-sufficiency, self-acceptance, self-love, competence and confidence.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs as a unique individual.

I have been lucky enough to enable hundreds of people to transform their lives though my therapy sessions and courses.

 “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”     

Attributed to Albert Einstein     

Take a step back from the 'everyday' and treat yourself to a journey of rediscovering your joy, inner wisdom and guidance, so that life once again feels miraculous.

What people have said:

HEALING - working with your deep energies to heal the past and empower your true spirit.  

"Jaqui has been key to my spiritual and personal development and whenever I am struggling with life she’s the person I turn to.  She’s very ‘enabling’, so I always go away with new approaches to old problems.  Her healing is amazing – I feel I clear off so much junk that has been weighing me down, feel energised and a great deal happier!"    YD, St Briavels                                                                                                     

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES: Working with Healing Energies

"I loved the way you were so open, how we could all follow our own beliefs and how much confidence you gave me. I learnt so much about myself, about energy and even something about quantum physics.  Meditations, visualisations and working with energy have just opened my mind to a new level I never even imagined."  PJ, Ross

MEDITATION COURSES: Basic Techniques with a focus on self-healing.

"I am getting to know myself better and recommend your meditation courses to anyone who wishes to relieve stress and find deep relaxation, it is very healing." CC, Coleford

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES: The Psychology of Happiness - Tools for Living

'A thoroughly excellent course with a truly inspiring teacher ..... I would absolutely recommend this course to others - its has been such a great help to my wellbeing.'  Adult Education Feeback Form

'This course was very well presented, very thought provoking and very helpful.'  Adult Education Feeback Form


Contact Jaqui by telephone or through this website for more information about courses or healing, or just to have a chat about what you may find helpful. 


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